The Rules of the Perfect Performance Clothing

Ak promotions have produced innovation for the perfect performance clothing. When you decide to purchase performance clothing or a suit you have approximately never-ending choices of cut size and finish. When it comes to performance clothing range like long sleeve T-shirts, performance tee, technical sports polo & so on, which you possibly wear far more often, you’ve normally a select of just four sizes and two fits. Why? It’s a question asked by Ak promotions, an on-trend fashion brand that described a statement to present the Gildan performance long sleeve fitted T-shirts, which is then seamed removable skin fit label fabric features and delivered directly to your home.


Here are the four key rules Ak promotions obeys when crafting its one-of-a-kind performance clothing.

1. Selection of performance clothing: According to me, performance clothing is meant to be simple, wearing comfortable and instantly making you look like Brando, less do. If available sizes fit you then you are one of the lucky ones. AK promotions started Brand Me Now because they want to design performance clothing which meets the exact athletics & sports requirements.

2. Knowledge matters: Purchasing performance clothing should be as simple as wearing one. Originally, Ak promotions preferred buyers to gives a series of measurements – chest, waist, arm – which would then be turned into a pattern for their performance clothing. “It was too much, so we devised an innovation after a lot of research.” Tell the site your height, age, weight and shoe size and the type of fit you like (short sleeve, Gildan or spiro quick dry) and your perfect size will be calculated. The algorithm has a 95 percent success rate, and if the size you’re sent isn’t perfect it will be replaced for free.


3. Choices. Choices. Choices The perfect fit isn’t the only thing that’s matter. Some of us like a smooth fabric100% some like thicker. Some people like round neck, some v, Ak promotions gives you an option to specify color, sizes, thin crew neck collar, flat lock and also add abbreviation.

4. You Pay the Price but you get the value: With costs beginning from £4.97, Ak promotions performance clothing cost somewhat more than your normal chain store form, yet certainly, won’t use up every last cent, and you’ll see the distinction instantly. Each piece of best performance clothing is produced using morally sourced Supreme cotton – the best quality level of cotton – with additional long fiber for a smoother complete and negligible pilling.


May the endless journey for the ideal performance clothing be over? Might we at long last have the capacity to look more like Clara Jessi than nature permits? We at Shortlist think so. Attempt it for yourself and say farewell to shirt multipacks for eternity.

Place your order today at


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